Digital Innovation

Become a true digital leader, by empowering your teams to deliver first class applications.

Conexxia Consulting

At Conexxia, we're passionate about rapid application development, automation and devops. With our extensive experience we help organisations transform their businesses to become digital leaders and deliver quality outcomes faster. Our team of consultants and engineers will work closely with your organisation

  • leveraging world class low-code platforms to speed up application delivery

  • automate regression testing to eliminate the cost of rework

  • automate delivery pipeline, with automatic deployments


Discover & Confirm

As part of Discovery, we always suggest to start small, focus on quick wins and celebrate success.

  • We evaluate your needs

  • Confirm our understanding

  • Recommend a priority and strategy

Implement Quick Wins

Focus on quick wins, to deliver tangible value to your business and excite business and technology teams to embrace continuous improvement.

  • Collaborative and iterative approach

  • Demonstrate value through delivery of quick wins

Continuous Improvement

We deploy a continuous improvement and continuous delivery strategy to speed up time to market through:

  • Rapid Application Development using low-code

  • Set up of Automated Testing practices 

  • Full pipeline automation