Consulting and Problem Solving

We are natural problem solvers and will help you untangle complex problems to drive business value.

Become a true digital leader by empowering your teams to deliver first class applications.

Conexxia Consulting

At Conexxia, we're passionate about solving business problems. With our extensive experience we jump in together with our customers, roll up our sleeves and help drive to understand, prioritise and take steps towards improvement.


Improvements can be in the form of:

  • Automating project delivery pipeline with automatic build, versioning and deployments into production

  • Automating Regression Testing to eliminate the cost of rework

  • Robotic Process Automation to reduce effort spent on repetitive menial tasks

  • Or all of the above and more as part of a full Digitial Transformation leveraging world class low-code platforms to speed up application delivery



Phase 1 - As part of Discovery, we always suggest to start small.

  • We evaluate your needs

  • Confirm our understanding, which can include an executive alignment strategy to ensure correct priority and mandate

Phase 2 - Focus on Quick Wins, to deliver tangible value to your business and excite business and technology teams to embrace continuous improvement.

  • Collaborative and iterative approach

  • Demonstrate value through delivery of quick wins

Phase 3 - This is the time to harvest on the momentum and excitement to focus on Continuous Improvement. With Business and Technology buy in, the sky is the limit in terms of delivering new innovative apps or efficiency and effectiveness gains.

We follow a tried and tested iterative approach to any business problem. Firstly we listen and we Seek to understand, then we Play back our Understanding and Provide a Recommendation. 

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