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[Webinar] Extending SAP: is Fiori your only option?

Gartner predicts by 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted Low Code application development as one of their strategic application development platforms. How well is your organisation prepared to unleash the power of Low Code? Join our webinar "Extending SAP: is Fiori your only option?" on Thursday, 10th December 2020 at 12:30pm AEST.

In this webinar, we want to unbox the concept of Low Code, what it really is and how it can benefit your organisation. As part of our Conexxia webinar series, we will focus on SAP customers.

Living in a software-driven world, the way we do business has fundamentally changed and the approach to application development will have to follow. In order to stay ahead, businesses will have to adapt their ways to improve their time to market, whilst focusing on their customers’ ever-changing needs. Traditional application development struggles to meet business expectations and rework is common to address miscommunication between business and IT departments. By using low-code, this communication gap is bridged by iterative development cycles, where prototypes are built in hours rather than days and requirements can be validated continuously during the development life cycle.

Learn more how to use Rapid Application Development (RAD) to extend SAP in your organisation and how Low Code application development is becoming one of the strategic ways to innovate and deliver new applications faster. Register today to learn about the pros and cons of using Fiori and how Mendix can bridge the gap.

Get ready and learn how to make SAP Fly, register here.


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