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Appian started in the BPM (business process management) market and focused on complex business processes and other applications requiring sophisticated automation, rules and analytics capabilities. Its technological differentiators include prebuilt no-code integration with various AI services and support for DevOps with automated continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) for enterprise IT organisations. 

Appian is a recognized leader in:

  1. Automation - Forrester Wave Software for Digital Process Automation - Deep Deployments

  2. Low-Code - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Applications Platform

  3. Case management - Forrester Wave Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management

Why Appian? 

  • Create new applications faster

  • Appian can be learned quickly in days and mastered in weeks

  • Full-stack automation - workflow, RPA, AI, business rules and case management together on one platform

  • Combine RPA (robotic process automation) and low-code platform to optimize and transform business operations

  • Appian records give your data a 360-degree view, in real-time and only one click away from action

  • No need to move any of your data or choose between real-time information and performance using Appian. Their patent-pending parallel processing technology makes it possible by speeding up query performance and throughput.

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