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As businesses grow, IT needs are changing. We are here to help you each step of the way. As part of your development team, optimising your processes or enabling you to focus on Digital Innovation with our first in class products.

At Conexxia, we have a fundamental belief of doing things better, faster, and more efficient.

We are all about getting the best result for our customers. Our team consists of highly skilled and passionate people who can apply vision and creativity in problem solving to drive digital innovation.

Headquartered in Sydney, Conexxia has steadily grown over the last couple of years and we have achieved double digit growth within Australia.

Organisations' needs for continuous change is outpacing the ability of IT departments to keep up. Organisations are asking for increased productivity through automation and smarter ways of working. Business leaders need to stay ahead of changing market conditions to be able to respond to changing customer behaviour and optimising customer experience. Technology executives are seeking thought leaders that understand the nuances and can modernise application development.

Today we are helping prominent companies speed up application delivery by increasing productivity and enabling continuous delivery and DevOps practices. We are passionate about low-code, Test Automation and DevOps as key enablers to Continuous Improvement.



The Leadership Team

Michalis Kostikoglou


Managing Director

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from consulting to growing a start-up

23,000 hrs test leadership

passionate about client’s success

Roland Tan


Head of Innovation & Sales

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from consulting to outsourcing deals

$0 automation investment

passionate about measurable values

Aizhen Chen


Head of Strategy

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from consulting to strategic activist

 empowering teams

passionate about people

Debra Charalambidis


Head of Change Management

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enabling organisations to embed change

from IT implementations through to culture change

passionate about change management