​Optimize business value for our clients.

Promote growth in our people based on merit and accomplishments.

Treat each other with respect and amplify individual worth.

"A boss has the title, a leader has the people."


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

Roland Tan

"Choose Love. Not Fear. Have Faith. Not Hate."

"Success is and always will be a team effort."

Wei Wei Siauw

"Be here now. Kick Ass. Be Kind"

Our story

Starting from a home office, quickly moved to Wotso, expanded to WeWork and now located at our own head office in "The Cooperage" building in Pyrmont, Sydney. While Conexxia has always remained in Pyrmont, Sydney, the size of our office has grown gradually at first and recently exponentially with us moving to our new location.  

Conexxia is an IT consultancy company, offering end-to-end IT services. We started the business from a vision to build a company where real and sincere contact with clients and partners are prioritized, where people come first, where we take the lead with our offerings on innovation and automation. Our strategic choices to partner with MuleSoft, Appian, Siemens and Mendix accelerated our mission to bring value to our clients by simply improving the way their businesses run. 

Life at Conexxia

At Conexxia​ we value our people for their hard work, loyalty and optimism. We are result-driven and stand in the belief that success is equal to teamwork. Creating a safe place, encouraging our people to feel heard and understood. 

Are you passionate about Low Code, technology implementation, change management or smart automation and are you interested to find new and challenging opportunities? Feel free to contact us to discuss further.