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Conexxia 360°!


By developers, for developers! 

It's time to put an end to the performance and storage issues due to an unmaintained environment. In addition, better sooner than later, you want to halt the trouble makers that slow down your environment. Finally, all the manual time-consuming checks for peer review led to blind spots and inconsistency in coding standards.  

Conexxia 360° gives you a full insight into your maintenance, performance monitoring and coding standards in one app, at one location with a 360° view.

Conexxia Pty Ltd is a trusted Appian partner in Australia and with Conexxia 360° you are always a step ahead in keeping your Appian environment clean, fast running and with exemplary coding standards. 

Conexxia 360°

One App > Smart Automation > 360° View

STOP wasting time and energy on meticulous clean up 

Conexxia 360 Pillars

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