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Mendix Low-Code Use Cases

Read the Mendix customer success stories to understand the power of Low-Code for its Speed & Agility, Business Value, Collaboration and Lower Costs.

  • Zurich Insurance, a 146-year-old insurance company, turns to agile development and low-code to execute on its three strategic goals: customer centricity, simplification, and innovation

  • The DevOps team at Zurich is partially staffed with former Business Analysts – developers with a keen awareness of business requirements, but little to no traditional coding expertise

  • By embracing strong product ownership from the business to ensure first time right solutions, and by using low-code to develop their solutions, Zurich is realizing multiple million pounds of business value per year from its app portfolio

City of Rotterdam - key findings

  • City of Rotterdam scales a Low-Code centre of excellence

  • Mendix is the world’s first Low-Code platform for building powerful native mobile applications

  • Hybrid app converted to native mobile in six weeks

Continental - key findings

  • Continental is a global leader in automotive technology. Their 241,000+ global employees drive €44.5 billion in annual sales across tire, electronics, engine component, and software products

  • Facing an array of legacy applications reaching end-of-life, the Finance IT team sought a modern platform to modernize this landscape, and to ultimately enable business teams across Continental to build their own applications

  • Among Continental’s 11 applications is Electronic Capital Request (eCR), a 300-story project delivered in 12 weeks, rather than one year, supporting 10,000 global users as they process budget requests and approvals

  • Founded to make Canada the best place in the world to start a business, BDC aimed to modernize its core to better support entrepreneurs

  • Despite over 100 integration points, and a highly mission-critical use case, the Core Lending System was developed alongside the business in just 8 months

  • With a new agile way of working successfully adopted, the team continually enhances their lending core, alongside building tools that help Canadian entrepreneurs build more productive, successful businesses


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