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We help you streamline your IT so you can focus on innovation and delivering business outcomes faster

What We Do

Founded in Sydney Australia, Conexxia started as a IT Consulting firm specialising in Test Automation, CI CD and DevOps enabling automatic build, versioning, test and deployments. We are all about getting the best result for our customers. Our team consists of highly skilled and passionate people who can apply vision and creativity in problem solving to drive digital innovation.


True digital leaders are set apart by their ability to innovate and not by their ability to adapt. We help our customers become innovators through Rapid Application Development allowing you to try, fail (fast), improve, deliver, celebrate and ultimately to scale.

Our passion for technology and our customer is reflected in our logo 

Conexxia = Connect + αξία

From Ancient Greek ἀξία (axía). Noun αξία • (axía) f (plural αξίες) value, merit, worth

At the heart of what we do lies the fundamental belief that we can bring business value through smart automation. From project delivery pipeline automation, automated testing, versioning and deployments, through to Rapid Application Development powered by low code.