Conexxia Change Management Offering

We pride ourselves on working alongside you through the change and empowering your organisation. Our Conexxia Change Management Offering is summarized in 6 features. 


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  • Working with you to develop the change management strategy for your organisation.

  • The change management strategy can support you in transformational change through to operational change.  

  • Our consultants are also able to execute against the change management strategy. Validating with you along the way. 


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  • Highly skilled change management resources with experience in technology change, process change and people change. 

  • Expertise working with leadership teams to develop target operating models through to process efficiency gains in operations and large-scale ERP implementations.


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  • One of the key measures of our success in change management is ensuring we impart our change management skills to uplift the organisations capability in change management.  

  • To ensure ongoing sustainability of change beyond our time in an organisation, it is crucial that the business owns the change.

As a service

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  • As part of Change Management as a service our team would develop tools and templates to manage change within your organisation. Together, we develop a heatmap of all changes impacting your business as a whole.  

  • Depending on your needs, this can be a once off assignment or an ongoing service.

Process Improvement

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  • As part of our offering, we are able to work with you to define your current business processes and determine process improvements opportunities.

  • Together we can go through a prioritisation activity and develop your future processes.

  • Change management will support your business through any process improvement changes.


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  • To maximise return on your investment in your technology and process, it is essential to focus on your people.

  • As your organisation steps through various organisational changes we provide coaching for your leaders and employees to ensure you are setting your organisation up for future success.