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Giving Back

By Women For Women.

Mentoring through experience. 

Most beautiful things happen when women help other women. 

Our intention 

The recent event of the global pandemic has impacted us all on different levels and in various ways. As a result, we have initiated our Conexxia Giving Back for Women in Professional Services program. We believe that amazing things happen when women are supporting other women. Our intention is to support women to unlock their infinite potential through mentoring and together we can support you in defining what is next for you.   

Our goal is to be part of a female support system and guide women to rise in their ambition, find balance in life and work and create their own definition of success.

​Are you feeling stuck? Is self-doubt holding you back? Are you in need of a sounding board? Are you searching for a balance on how to juggle all the different responsibilities? Our Conexxia team is happy to help you on this journey as part of our Giving Back for Women in Professional Services program.


Our program is dedicated to offering our time and experience to assist other women in professional services in Australia. While we acknowledge we are not professional coaches we are confident we can be of help. 


Are you interested? Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Our intention
Our program

At Conexxia our philosophy is to be the change you want to see in the world. We stand for equality and opportunities; we believe in the strength of female empowerment. Empathy, compassion, and courage is our source of guidance. Our Conexxia Giving Back for Women in Professional Services Program is all about how may we serve, how can we help. What we offer: mentoring, CV review and interview preparation.


Are you interested? Contact us and let's have that first conversation. And yes, it's free. We are passionate to share and expand our community for women.

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Our mentoring is focused on female professionals who are interested to grow, learn and reach for their infinite potential.

  • Advise on your career path in professional services

  • Support in your search of balancing work and life

  • Guidance for the best way to return back to work after maternity leave or a sabbatical

  • Act as a sounding board for your thoughts and hold you accountable to realize your potential. Providing reflection in your day to day activities, nurturing leadership skills and showing you how to be the real you at work. 

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CV Review

It is quite an art to be able to write a professional, concise and balanced resume. We will review your cv and provide pointers on how you can make your cv stand out.

  • Are you applying for the right role for you? Statistics show that women will only apply for a role with a 90% skills match. Where men will pursue a role even with a 60% match. Are you holding yourself back? 

  • Is your resume aligned to the role that you are applying for? Are you highlighting key elements of your resume to assist you to stand out? 

  • Do you have the correct layout for the role and organisation you wish to apply for?  

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Interview Prep

When you are invited for an interview, you are already half way there. Preparation is key. As part of our interview preparation session we focus on three things:


  • What does the role require?

  • What is the organisation or hiring manager looking for in a successful candidate?

  • How can we align your skills and how can you best present yourself with grace and confidence. 

We understand the importance of interview practice.   We are here to help you by offering to conduct a ‘dry run’ before the real interview.   We can then discuss how you thought you went and any improvement areas you may wish to focus on.

Our program
Debra Charalambidis 

My motivation to mentor and advise other female professionals is quite simple I wish someone had mentored me in my early career! As a professional leader and mother of a university-age daughter, I have had to juggle the work/life balance throughout my career.

For me I decided early on that I would measure all career opportunities against 5 markers

  1. Role

  2. Leader

  3. Flexibility

  4. Organisation

  5. Location

Each of these markers played a different level of importance at various stages of my personal life. How to get comfortable with accepting your choices. Let’s explore what is important to you! 

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Aizhen Chen

Throughout my professional life, I have been lucky enough to have had great mentors. Some of them were formal mentors, assigned through work, but many have been people I encountered along the way. People who I worked with and felt a connection to, people who have challenged me and guided my personal growth. 

As a mother of two young children, working in a high pace consulting job has been very challenging. Especially trying to be everything to everyone, whilst staying true to myself.

As part of the Conexxia Giving Back initiative, I would like to help others facing similar challenges.

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I have been fortunate enough to have met Debra when she came to work in my organisation.  During our time together Debra and I had many discussions around what my future career could look like. 

Having left the organisation Debra and I continued to catch up and explore various options for my career development while at the same time managing my carer responsibilities. Debra's experience and support have been a strong enabler for me and I continue to be thankful for the experience.


It seems easy for some people to know exactly what they want in their professional life and what direction to go on their career path. It has been quite a journey for myself to figure out my direction, my passion. I feel blessed that Aizhen was my mentor along the way.

Not only did we focus on the practical side of things, but I also learned so much about myself, self-confidence and self-love. I'm most grateful that she showed me opportunities that I didn't know existed, that she pointed out directions, that I thought were blocked. 


While Debra is not a qualified mentor, I cannot speak highly enough of the ongoing mentoring that she has provided to me professionally.  


Debra is empathic and understanding while at the same time she can provide pointers or options to consider and reflect on for how I can move forward.  


I have been fortunate enough to have maintained an ongoing mentorship with Debra over the last 10 years and consider myself lucky to have made the connection.


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